Two Points of View (POVs), One Scene: GoPro plus Google Glass

I created this short video with two Points of View: One was a GoPro camera, and one was Google Glass with the camera just above my right eye.

I am interested in YOUR opinions:

  1. Does having more than one POV help you understand a little better what I did with my hands?
  2. Or is showing more than one POV a source of confusion?
  3. Does synchronizing the action help provide a better understanding of the scene?
  4. Or would showing each POV separately provide a better understanding of what transpired?

I look forward to your comments. Thanks!

Al Navas



Final results of woodworking video quiz

Video quiz results Dec 10 2014

Final video quiz results Dec 10 2014
This post answers the questions from several readers: “Did anyone else take the quiz?…”

I mentioned I would post additional results. Here goes, for this “final” result:

  1. A total of 12% of the people who watched the video actually took the quiz.
  2. The total views and quiz results include my own testing – 5 views, to make sure everything was working properly.
  3. The Summary report in the first image above tells a story in one quick glance: Including an interactive quiz is a great way to learn if your training is getting through to those watching a video, to learn from it.
  4. It works both ways: For the people taking your training, and for you as the trainer. Why for the trainer? Because your message may not be getting through as well as you thought!
  5. How well does this work for the woodworking community? I am interested in your feedback. Please leave a comment below.

With thanks to all who participated in this experiment, I wish you a great week.

Merry Christmas to all!




Results of first woodworking quiz


Oak quiz results for finger joint on jig

With thanks to all who took this quiz!

The quiz was a welcome addition.

This is something new in woodworking videos. But maybe I am just not aware of what others have done in the recent past? Please let me know if you have seen a quiz similar to the one I included in my latest video in a recent post.

At least two (maybe three) of the low scores are mine, as I took the anonymous quiz to make sure that the video and the quiz were working properly. On purpose I answered some of the questions incorrectly, and kept track of my wrong answers.

Although a fairly small percentage of readers took the quiz, the results in the image above suggest there IS interest in woodworking quizzes, to measure their retaining ability.

I would like your feedback:

  1. I believe in making the quiz totally anonymous for a public post such as this one; however, for paid sessions and lessons, I venture say that each participant would (should!) be interested in their score. Do you agree?
  2. If you enjoyed this type of video, including the quiz, let me know. I will include more of these in videos in the future.


Al Navas