Leigh Jigs Helpouts over video chats

Many of my woodworking friends and colleagues know I have been working with Leigh jigs, and that I know them well. In fact, I have helped many woodworkers solve issues with their jigs via email, phone calls, and on woodworking forums. But many of you would love to get beyond some of the issues you have experienced with the jigs.

  • Are you frustrated with the results you get with your Leigh jig? You don’t have to be frustrated!
  • Would you like to resolve those problems quickly and efficiently? I can help.
  • Would you like to start enjoying using your Leigh jigs again? I hope so, because I can help!

Get the dust off your jigs, and make beautiful joinery! I can help you resolve the problems via a video chat using the new Google Helpouts. I am part of the Beta test phase. The service just launched!

Click on the image below to take you to my Leigh jig Helpout. For a short while I am providing this Helpout for FREE! Go ahead and schedule a time slot or two; each time slot is 15 minutes.

See you soon!

— Al Navas

Technology and woodworking

I suspect some of you already know I was selected by Google to be a Glass Explorer; I was selected as part of a group of 8,000 Explorers. If you did not yet know it, I invite you to read my entry here. The notification from Project Glass is the fourth Comment below my entry.

Although my entry refers to using Glass only for language interpretation, a myriad other uses are possible. In fact, I can share that thousands of people are already dreaming up uses for the technology. In the following photo I issue a (simulated!) command to Glass that many woodworkers dream about – “clear the clutter”. I should have added NOW!:

glass clear clutter-2

In the simulation above I show my simulated POV (Point Of View) as if wearing Google Glass. My voice will replicate in a message showing in the heads-up display incorporated into Glass.

Will it be possible to use the Glass technology in woodworking?

The short answer is a definite Yes! Why? Because it is possible to start a hangout using Glass. This means I will be able to launch a hangout and have a Glasscast. It will be terrific! In fact, it will be great to have Glass to chat in hangouts about woodworking techniques, to help people in need, in real time.

In fact, Scott Meek, hand plane maker, saw my post in the Google+ Woodworking Community, and said:

You have Google Glass? Cool! Thoughts? How did you get chosen? Can you broadcast to a hangout through your view? That would be amazing for my online classes.

Please stand by. I will be notified by Google in “the next few weeks” that my Glass is ready for pickup in one of three locations: New York City, Los Angeles, or San Francisco. I will let all my readers know when I have it in hand, and working.

— Al Navas

Woodcraft Specials March 30 to April 26, 2013

Stock up on these, and support Sandal Woods in the process! Please remember I am a Woodcraft Affiliate. Thank you for your support over the years.  – Al

April 2013 Best Deals

Prices Valid 3/30 – 4/26/2013
Sku (click on each) Product

Sale Price

145685+ Laminated Benchtops Group $153.99
149952 Molded DIY Dust Deputy $39.99
811571 Jet Drum Sander $1,119.99
140639+ Casters Group $8.39
150881 Kreg Deck Jig System $79.99
125392 4 Way Pressure Clamp $24.99
834771 Rikon 14″ Bandsaw $799.99
833083 Rikon 18″ Bandsaw $1,049.99
144968+ Urethane Bandsaw Tires Group $17.59
153651/56 Zhen Damascus Knife Kits $7.00
146800 WoodRiver 4-Jaw Chucks Group $84.99
856325 Jet Lathe $799.99
856325 Jet Lathe $799.99
855385 Grripper Double Pack $149.96
149771 Adirondack 3 Plan Pack $14.99
154574 HTC Roller Stand $24.99
153726/27 Stylus Kits Gold and Chrome $3.99
145501 24pc Forstner Bit Set $113.99
154471 One Time Wood Protector $84.99
856320 Micro Jig Taper Jig $139.99
145982 Micro Mesh $14.99
151125 WoodRiver Block Planes Group $79.99
144838 Granite Surface Plate $24.99
148515 WoodRiver Adjustable Mobile Base $64.99
143718 5pc Mini Turning Set $29.49
08G22 Renaissance Wax $24.99
04Z41/51 Disposable Glue Brushes 1/4″ & 1/2″ $7.99
854331 E Cut 4pc Combo Pack $29.99
149168/69 WoodRiver Live Centers Group $17.99

— Al Navas