My woodworking page on Google+

If readers still follow this blog, please note that I am uploading all videos downloaded from a while ago to my “new” YouTube channel, to ensure all (maybe “most” is a better word) articles that had a video will still show the corresponding video.

The Sandal Woods page on Google+ is here, and the YouTube channel is here.

I will continue uploading videos to YouTube until I am done. I have well over 100 videos to upload; a slow internet connection gets in the way sometimes, but I will keep plugging along.

Thanks for reading the blog!

This is the Sandal Woods YouTube channel, as of today.

This is the Sandal Woods YouTube channel, as of today.

— Al Navas

About the Sandal Woods videos

I have been zonked. told me I had so many days to download all my videos, as they were cancelling my account. I suppose I did not have enough traffic, or I was not considered a “good” video producer.

I managed to download most of the videos; I might be missing one, or two. Regardless, I will be uploading to my Sandal Woods page on YouTube, and will post when the videos are available once again.

Thanks to my readers, who first brought this to my attention!

- Al Navas

Leigh Jigs Helpouts over video chats

Many of my woodworking friends and colleagues know I have been working with Leigh jigs, and that I know them well. In fact, I have helped many woodworkers solve issues with their jigs via email, phone calls, and on woodworking forums. But many of you would love to get beyond some of the issues you have experienced with the jigs.

  • Are you frustrated with the results you get with your Leigh jig? You don’t have to be frustrated!
  • Would you like to resolve those problems quickly and efficiently? I can help.
  • Would you like to start enjoying using your Leigh jigs again? I hope so, because I can help!

Get the dust off your jigs, and make beautiful joinery! I can help you resolve the problems via a video chat using the new Google Helpouts. I am part of the Beta test phase. The service just launched!

Click on the image below to take you to my Leigh jig Helpout. For a short while I am providing this Helpout for FREE! Go ahead and schedule a time slot or two; each time slot is 15 minutes.

See you soon!

— Al Navas