A new dovetail jig from Leigh

It’s coming soon. However, poking around the internet, and looking for new “stuff”, I located the following video about the new RTJ400 dovetail jig from Leigh Industries in Canada:

I invite you to read the features on the Leigh page. Hints: 9 sizes of through dovetails, 3 sizes of half-blind dovetails, and 4 sizes of box joints – plus bounting on your router table means almost zero dust!

Does this sound attractive? I believe it will be great, based on the video above.


— Al Navas

P.S.: I love the look of this chest (I stole this image from the RTJ400 page):

The RTJ400 jig in action, and a sample chest - I love it!

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If readers still follow this blog, please note that I am uploading all videos downloaded from Blip.tv a while ago to my “new” YouTube channel, to ensure all (maybe “most” is a better word) articles that had a video will still show the corresponding video.

The Sandal Woods page on Google+ is here, and the YouTube channel is here.

I will continue uploading videos to YouTube until I am done. I have well over 100 videos to upload; a slow internet connection gets in the way sometimes, but I will keep plugging along.

Thanks for reading the blog!

This is the Sandal Woods YouTube channel, as of today.

This is the Sandal Woods YouTube channel, as of today.

— Al Navas

About the Sandal Woods videos

I have been zonked.

Blip.tv told me I had so many days to download all my videos, as they were cancelling my account. I suppose I did not have enough traffic, or I was not considered a “good” video producer.

I managed to download most of the videos; I might be missing one, or two. Regardless, I will be uploading to my Sandal Woods page on YouTube, and will post when the videos are available once again.

Thanks to my readers, who first brought this to my attention!

- Al Navas