I found a good design for a saw bench

I created this video from the SketchUp file at Billy’s Little Bench blog:


Thanks, Billy!

I will probably modify this bench in two ways:
1. To fit my height – maybe no more than one inch in height, and
2. Use only one stretcher on each side.

I welcome comments and suggestions, especially if you have used a similar saw bench in your shop. Did you find this design better than others? Or have you used a similar saw bench but found it lacking features you wanted?

Al Navas

New Hand Saw From an Estate Sale

18-inch Disston handle and medallion


18-inch Disston medallion


18-inch Disston

I have no idea what this hand saw is, or what it was used for. However, here are some things about it:

  • 18-inch plate
  • The medallion says H, DISSTON & SONS. – Philada (there is a period after the word SONS).
  • I have no idea what the wood is. It might be apple.
  • The teeth appear to be filed for rip cuts, 5-6 TPI. Some of the teeth appear a tad shorter than others. Maybe a previous owner did not know how to sharpen a  hand saw? Or maybe I know nothing about hand saws? I admit it – I don’t!
  • The teeth are not in a straight line, as the last photo shows. Did someone screw up the teeth during several sharpening sessions?
  • The screws are brass; they don’t require a special tool to remove, as the slot is straight.

I appreciate your help identifying this saw. Is it a panel saw? Thanks for your help!

Al Navas

A new and full blog for friends at 360WoodWorking

Frank Klausz at his 2014 birthday. Happy birthday, Frank!

I believe I counted around 290 blog posts on the 360WoodWorking website! Ten per page:


The following is the first page of the blog:


Lots of good stuff I had not read before!

And Frank Klausz invited the Three Amigos for dinner, on his birthday – can you imagine receiving an invitation from a woodworking legend?

http://360woodworking.com/happy-birthday-mr/ (this is the link to the article at the 360WoodWorking blog)

Very, very cool.