The walnut hand plane: Part 2, the glue-up

In yesterday’s blog entry I mentioned that I had rounded the surface of the front ramp, to provide better clearance for the shavings. Some discussion on Saw Mill Creek raised the point that the inside angle should be pretty much straight, to prevent the mouth from getting too large, too quickly, as I trued the sole of the plane. And I promised some photos – first, with the left cheek removed:


In this next photo I show the entire left-hand side, also with the left cheek removed. Notice that in the photo above, and also in the next photo, the tip of the iron is almost to the mid-point of the sole, or about 1/8-inch above the bottom edge:


The iron from Brese Plane has a knurled knob on the top side, to keep the iron from falling through the mouth opening when loosening the wedge. As a result, I had to machine a slot to accommodate the knob:


Finally, the glue-up. The board on the bottom is used to keep the front and back sections properly aligned:


I managed to keep squeeze out on the inside ramps to almost nil, by spreading the glue approximately ¼-inch from the ramp edges:


Now comes the hard part: Waiting for the glue to dry.  Stand by for more to come!


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