Home schooled students offered practical woodworking course

I just received the following Press Release from the Kansas City Woodworkers Guild. What a terrific opportunity for students 14 years and older to get real woodworking training in a real shop!  — Al Navas

MERRIAM, Kansas (August 10, 2010) The Kansas City Woodworkers Guild, located in Merriam, Kansas and in its 26th year, is making available a course in practical woodworking for the home schooled student.

“We offer home schooled students, 14 years of age and above, a unique opportunity for a hands-on encounter with the application of practical woodworking”, said Clifford Bell, V.P. of the Guild. “Project planning, applied math & science, and problem-solving in the woodshop help the students in all their other classes.”

The 13 week course (three hours, one day a week) focuses on necessary skills, tools, and techniques to introduce the craft of woodworking and furniture making.  The course successfully meets the needs of multiple experience levels in a safe, well equipped, spacious, supportive, and congenial educational environment.  Students will take pride in their accomplishments and gain self esteem.

The classes will be taught by a Certified Industrial Technology Teacher, with 20 years of public school teaching experience. The class emphasis will always be on SAFETY!

This fundamental course stresses the historical development of tools & woodworking machinery, workshop safety, and woodworking skills. Students will gain knowledge in the safe use of hand and power tools, woodworking machines, project planning, problem solving, and applied math and science. Students will experience different types of wood and choose their best application. In this project-oriented course in woodworking, students will be assigned to plan and construct several small and medium sized projects.

The Kansas City Woodworkers’ Guild, with over 345 members, shares with the Kansas City Woodturners Club a 10,000 square foot shop and meeting facility in Merriam, Kansas. For more information about the Kansas City Woodworkers’ Guild visit their website at: www.kcwoodworkersguild.org (email: guild@kcwoodworkersguild.org) or the Home School page at www.kcwoodworkersguild.org/Education/School.htm .

Cliff Bell, Vice President
Kansas City Woodworkers Guild

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