Coming next week, the R9PLUS system


As you know, I have been busy preparing for the written exam, to become certified as a Missouri Court Interpreter. I will sit for the exam on November 6 (yippee!) – please, wish me luck!

Next up, a neat jig!

Starting next week I will be back in the shop – and, first up, I get to use the newest jig from Leigh, the R9 Plus Joinery System. I look forward to making 3 sizes of box joints and 3 sizes of through dovetails, all on boards of any width. This will be a GREAT investment for anyone looking for a low initial investment to do this joinery!

For example, for dovetails, with the template in the right-hand position:


And for finger joints on a narrow work piece:

The following are the features of this new jig:

  • Unlimited board widths
  • Through dovetails
  • Any board thickness up to 13/16”
  • 3 pin widths – 3/8”, 7/16” & 1/2”
  • 2 joint pitches, 1 1/2” & 3/4”
  • Box joints
  • Any board thickness up to 1”
  • 3 sizes – 3/16”, 3/8” & 3/4”
  • No jig adjustments
  • Joint fit is controlled by patented eBush
  • Works on your router table or with a standalone router
  • Adjustable width clamping
  • Mounts to shop made beam to keep cost low
  • Replaceable backer board eliminates tear out


Disclosure: Leigh provides me with jigs from time to time, for evaluation purposes. I provide my own reviews here on the blog. And I help people with questions about joinery using the Leigh jigs — many of you know I love pitching in to help, whenever I can.

Al Navas



My dovetail router bit set


In a recent article (Loaded for Bear)I showed the following photo of the router bit set I use to machine dovetails on the Leigh jigs:

Router bits in storage box

For clarification: The parts on the lid were not included in the router bit set. I included them for illustration purposes.

Brian in Texas wrote to ask where I got this set. I bought this kit many years ago — I believe it was in 2001, or maybe in 2002. It is the Highland Hardware set, and includes collars to allow use of the 8-mm router bits in 1/2-inch collets:


My dovetail router bit kit


I checked at the Highland web site, to make sure that sets are still available. I must admit I have never bought any more dovetail bits, as this set has lasted this long. Sure enough, they are still available in sets. The Highland Hardware web site states that their current kit is equivalent to the Leigh 5116-8  router bit set, shown in the following photo (from the Rockler web site):

Thanks for writing, Brian. Keep us posted!


—  Al Navas



One brand new jig is brewing


Over the weekend I noticed the following at the Leigh web site — the R9PLUS dovetail and finger joint joinery system:

The R9 at LeighI want to try out this new jig!

Stay tuned for further details. The web site says “Coming soon!”  This is the first I have heard about the R9PLUS Joinery System. Among other features::

  • No jig adjustments
  • Joint fit is controlled by patented eBush
  • Works on your router table
  • or with a standalone router
  • Adjustable width
So, if I get it right, I will be able to use it as a stand-alone jig, to machine either finger joints or dovetails on boards ANY width. This, friends, is thinking out of the box!


What do YOU think about this new jig?


Al Navas